A Quick Start Guide to Mobile Marketing

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Описание товара: "A Quick Start Guide to Mobile Marketing"

New technologies such as the internet and mobile communications are changing the face of business communications. With over 2 million enterprises in the UK, incorporating these new approaches has become crucial to avoiding business failure and driving growth. "A Quick Start Guide to Mobile Marketing" is specifically written for people who wish to improve how their customers perceive them by tapping into the benefits of m-marketing and its links with other forms of digital marketing. It provides a quick and easy understanding of the key concepts and principles applied to social networking, such as the benefits of mobile marketing; the increasing use of mobile technology within social network sites; marketing communications as a research tool; how m-commerce can add value for customers and other micro-environmental stake holders and crucially, the future of digital marketing tools This 'how to' guide, containing real life examples of good contemporary practice, explains how the theories and tools described work in actual business scenarios to improve customer satisfaction, form better professional relationships and increase marketing effectiveness.

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