Чохол для ноутбука Moleskine / Чорний 13"

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18.12.2018 г.
Артикул: 208127

Описание товара: "Чохол для ноутбука Moleskine / Чорний 13""

Moleskine's 13" laptop case is suitable for laptops with a screen size up to 13". Designed with a stretch fabric, it has a polyester lining and light padding to ensure a high level of protection. External features include an elastic closure mechansim. Internal Features include an ivory velour lining and light padding to protect the laptop. It is made out of a matte black polyurethane on a woven support and includes a breathable stretch fabric on the sides and bottom in order to ensure a best fit.

Чехол для ноутбука Laptop Case - 13, Moleskine,  black

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