Distribution Channels Understanding and Managing Channels to Market

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Описание товара: "Distribution Channels Understanding and Managing Channels to Market"

"Distribution Channels" explains how to get your products and services to market through the best routes or distribution channels. It covers the whole process, including accessing and servicing markets and customers, controlling brands, creating differentiation, and improving the business distribution model. This book explores the way in which a business can make money from its distribution activities through a thorough understanding of all the different business models - and explains why business models are so important. It also provides key information about all of the partners involved in the distribution chains, including distributors, wholesalers, final tier channel players and retailers. By interpreting the business models of various types of distribution channels, it shows how to optimise both the models and the commercial relationships between the different parties. Distribution Channels will show you how to use your business distribution model to cut costs within the company and increase profits. Complete with real examples drawn from a wide variety of situations and sectors, "Distribution Channels" will give you the knowledge needed to improve the distribution business model, whether you are responsible for the distribution channels of your company - or whether you are that distribution channel.

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