Drama Techniques 3rd Edition

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26.03.2019 г.
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Cambridge University Press

Описание товара: "Drama Techniques 3rd Edition"

The fully revised edition of this 'classic' helps teachers give their learners the tools they need to express themselves through a range of stimulating drama contexts. This completely revised edition of the classic title Drama Techniques provides: *150 ideas for interesting and productive fluency practice *a large selection of drama-based techniques which focus learners' attention on communicative tasks or activities *techniques suitable for all levels *clear instructions for the teacher *advice on how to use the techniques in the classroom

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Алан Дафф: Все книги автора

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Автор(ы) Alan Maley, Алан Дафф
ISBN 9780521601191
Страниц 256
Переплет Paperback

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