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Dynamic Presentations Student's Book with Audio CDs (2) (Нет на складе)

Цена: 454 грн.
Артикул: 218697
Cambridge University Press

Описание товара: "Dynamic Presentations Student's Book with Audio CDs (2) (Нет на складе)"

Dynamic Presentations is a business skills books from a leading business English author, combining core business skills with innovative new areas. Aimed at today's busy executives and those studying for or wishing to further their careers in business, Dynamic Presentations looks at what constitutes a successful, motivating presentation and gives learners an insight into the essential skills and techniques they will need to ensure their presentations are both motivating and memorable. It is for intermediate to advanced learners of business English who want to excel at presenting. The Student's Book comes with two Audio CDs. A Dynamic Presentations DVD will also be available, with expert advice and authentic content, aimed at improving competency in key management areas.

Mark Powell: Все книги автора

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Автор(ы) Mark Powell
ISBN 9780521150040
Страниц 96

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