Reading the News

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Описание товара: "Reading the News"

With Reading the News, students not only improve their ability to read newspapers in English-they gain practice that will help prepare them for TOEFLA(R), TOEICA(R), and IELTSA(R) exams. Presenting 24 authentic articles on contemporary issues gleaned from the International Herald Tribune, Reading the News is an ideal way to encourage students to read English outside the classroom.

Table of Contents

1. A hunger for English lessons 2. Have foreign MBA, will travel in Chinese business 3. As smoke clears, tobacco maker opens lounge 4. Secret wealth vs. ?for richer, for poorer? 5. Nuclear power industry feels the wind at its back 6. Women?s work / The wages of equality 7. Managing globalization: If it?s here to stay, what do we do now? 8. Chances a low-fat diet will help? Slim and none 9. Music business finds little to sing about 10. Spotlight: A wedding planner for a new Japan 11. Cross-cultural training: How much difference does it really make? 12. The beauty premium: Why good looks pay 13. Retiring to cheaper climes? Caveat emptor 14. Cityscape: Street chef in a city that loves its food 15. The name game: Can anyone famous be a designer? 16. Stressed executives flee the pressure 17. Portrait: A rising star in Chinese cinema 18. Swedes step ahead on ethnic harmony 19. Film: The audience speaks Spanish but not at the multiplex 20. A British invasion for the digital age 21. Is Internet auctioneer an arena for criminals? 22. Global warming: Adapting to a new reality 23. Fake malaria pills haunt Asians 24. Keeping in touch the blogger way

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