Pass Cambridge BEC Higher Audio CD

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21.12.2018 г.
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Summertown Publishing Ltd

ќписание товара: "Pass Cambridge BEC Higher Audio CD"

The Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) is an international business English examination which offers a language qualification for learners who use, or will need to use, English for their work. This audio CD pack contains two CDs with classroom listening material and "Exam Focus" listenings that are part of the exam practice sections of the student's book.

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ISBN 9781902741383

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Pass Cambridge BEC Higher TB, 9781902741369, Louise Pile, Catrin Lloyd-Jones - фото
Louise Pile, Catrin Lloyd-Jones
Pass Cambridge BEC Higher TB
467 грн.
Pass Cambridge BEC Higher SB, 9781902741352, Louise Pile, Ian Wood - фото
Louise Pile, Ian Wood
Pass Cambridge BEC Higher SB
689 грн.

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