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The Beach (Нет на складе)

Цена: 419 грн.
Артикул: 223544
Penguin Books

Описание товара: "The Beach (Нет на складе)"

This is a classic story of paradise found - and lost. Richard lands in East Asia in search of an earthly utopia. In Thailand, he is given a map promising an unknown island, a secluded beach - and a new way of life. What Richard finds when he gets there is breathtaking: more extraordinary, more frightening than his wildest dreams. But how long can paradise survive here on Earth? And what lengths will Richard go to in order to save it?

Алекс Гарленд: Все книги автора

Характеристики товара:
Автор(ы) Алекс Гарленд
ISBN 9780241954508
Страниц 448
Переплет Мягкая обложка

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