A Tale From Percy's Park: The Rescue Party

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25.09.2018 г.
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Описание товара: "A Tale From Percy's Park: The Rescue Party"

Reformatted edition of this core Percy title with a contemporary new cover design. Includes a surprise fold-out page Percy the park keeper is having a day off. It is a perfect day for doing nothing. But Percy's peaceful picnic is disturbed when a little rabbit meets with a nasty tumble into an old well. All the animals gather together with a huge rope to help pull the rabbit out. But all they tug from the well is the branch of a tree. But the rabbit has already found her own way out...through an passage under the ground and she's at the end of the line with the other animals lending a hand!

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ISBN 9780007155163
Страниц 32
Переплет Мягкая обложка

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