Top 10 of Football

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26.03.2019 г.
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Описание товара: "Top 10 of Football"

Football fans love lists: league tables; starting 11s; performance statistics. From the bestselling author of "Hamlyn's Top 10 of Everything" series comes a brand new collection of 250 exclusive lists that cover everything from the obvious to the obscure and uncover fascinating facts about the planet's favourite sport, including: Top 10 clubs with the fewest domestic honours; 10 World Cup unsung heroes; Top 10 longest team names in the League of Wales; 10 FA Cup giant-killers; Top 10 highest-paid players; 10 celebrities who had trials for professional clubs; Top 10 football singles; 10 unfortunately-named players; Top 10 bestselling World Cup songs; and, Last 10 winners of the Mascot Derby. The youngest goalscorers, the greatest comebacks, the worst disciplinary records and the most unusual club nicknames - all of these stats and more are revealed in this pocket-sized homage to the beautiful game. A conversational goldmine for men and the perfect present for the footy fanatic, "Top 10 of Football" is a must for every soccer-nut.

Russell Ash: Все книги автора
Ian Morrison: Все книги автора

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Автор(ы) Russell Ash, Ian Morrison
ISBN 9780600620679
Страниц 304
Переплет Hardback

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