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Big Book of English Words (Нет на складе)

Цена: 524 грн.
Артикул: 382391

Для детей от 2 до 5

Описание товара: "Big Book of English Words (Нет на складе)"

The Usborne Big Book of English Words provides a wonderful collection of words and pictures to share and talk about. The pages contain 1000 everyday words that will come in really useful and next to them is a detailed, funny picture to make learning a new word easy and fun. Featuring images that children will recognise from their day-to-day observations, this wonderfully shareable book deserves a place on any little one's bookshelf.

Mairi Mackinnon: Все книги автора

Характеристики товара:
Автор(ы) Mairi Mackinnon
ISBN 9781409551652
Страниц 34
Переплет Картон
Формат 290 x 240mm
Художник(и) Kate Hindley
Возраст 3+

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