Sticker Design Studio

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20.11.2018 г.
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Klutz Press Inc

Описание товара: "Sticker Design Studio"

To make your mark truly personal, stick with Sticker Design Studio. This book is packed with more than 400 stickers to mix, match, color, and layer to create your own unique designs. The almost-blank stickers are lightly printed with designs that are just barely there, and once they are inked over, the lines become nearly invisible -- so only your creative genius shows. With pages of tips, inspiration, and guided creativity, even if you can't draw a heart, you can still ink one in your own unique style. Comes With: 8 markers, 14 sheets of stickers (4 with glitter) - Create wonderful things - Be good - Have fun

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Автор(ы) Editors of Klutz, Karen Phillips
ISBN 9781591749356
Страниц 54

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