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Russia: A Journey to the Heart of a Land and its People [Paperback] (Нет на складе)

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Описание товара: "Russia: A Journey to the Heart of a Land and its People [Paperback] (Нет на складе)"

Winston Churchill famously described Russia as 'a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma' and even today it remains a country little understood by the West. In this revealing portrait, Jonathan Dimbleby crosses eight time zones and covers 10,000 miles in an attempt to get to the beating heart of the new Russia. His epic journey takes him from the Arctic city of Murmansk in the west to the Asian port of Vladivostok in the east, and he encounters an extraordinary range of people: urban intellectuals and entrepreneurs, war veterans and migrant labourers, spiritual leaders and aging rock stars, bootleg vendors and fish poachers, loggers in the forests of Siberia and fellow journalists under siege in an increasingly autocratic society. "Russia" is both a deeply personal odyssey and a mesmerizing account of a country undergoing profound economic, cultural and political change.

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Автор(ы) Jonathan Dimbleby
ISBN 9781846076732
Страниц 592

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