Touring the Crimea

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18.02.2019 г.
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Балтія Друк \ Серия: Путівник по ...

Описание товара: "Touring the Crimea"

You are in for familiarization with ten Crimean towns, their history, sights, and also for carrying out a promenade along their picturesque environs. The maps at the beginning of every part will help you to find easily the necessary street, hotel, museum, architectural monument…
The axonometric projections and three-dimensional landscape plans of the peninsula most interesting historical-cultural objects may be considered the real decoration of the guidebook.

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Серия Путівник по ...
ISBN 966-96041-9-2
Страниц 224
Переплет Интегральный
Формат 125х200 мм

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