Contemporary Exhibit Design: No. 2

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Описание товара: "Contemporary Exhibit Design: No. 2"

Trade show exhibits must do more than simply provide an environment for product presentation. The total design must sell both the brand name and the brand image of the exhibiting firm. Consequently, commercial and trade show exhibits are more than mere merchandise showcases. Contemporary Exhibit Design No. 2 features over 80 unique and diverse exhibits brought to life in over 250 beautifully-reproduced color photos. These exhibits reflect the best work of top exhibit designers. Many are prize-winning exhibits selected from trade show venues from across the U.S. and around the world. The book is organized by exhibit square footage commencing with 300 sq. ft and graduating up to 45,000 sq. ft. The exhibits arc represent a plethora of industries running the gamut of clothing, sporting goods, automobiles, computers and electronics, home and building supplies, entertainment, insurance, banking, and many others. Whenever possible, exteriors and interiors are presented to ensure the reader appreciates the design and space utilization...and can sec how these specialized designers have used signage, color, lights, animation and decorative props to make their exhibits "shopper-stoppers" in the world of Show and Sell. Also included is a section on exhibits that appear in museums and corporate offices/headquarters where the main thrust is not to "sell" a product but to provide information, knowledge or background material that will eventually lead tobetter brand acceptance. Showcased are installations in museums, corporate offices, and "good will" examples by company's taking advantage of some moment in time or local event. Формат: 22,5 см х 28,5 см.

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