Sandworms of Dune

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22.02.2019 г.
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Описание товара: "Sandworms of Dune"

As the no-ship Ithaca flees through space, the heroes of HUNTERS OF DUNE finally meet the Enemy who followed the violent fanatics, the Honored Matres, back to their universe. The thinking machines vanquished by Serena Butler's jihad were not destroyed, only driven into exile - and now, tens of thousands of years later, they are back. Can the resurrected heroes on board the Ithaca save our race from annihilation?

About the Author

Frank Herbert, one of the greatest science fiction authors, died in 1986. His son Brian Herbert is a widely-published science fiction novelist in his own right. Kevin J. Anderson's novels include bestsellers based on the universes of Star Wars and The X Files. Together they created PRELUDE TO DUNE, LEGENDS OF DUNE and THE ROAD TO DUNE, all bestsellers set in the universe created by Frank Herbert.

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Автор(ы) Brian Herbert Kevin J. Anderson
Страниц 608
Переплет Мягкая обложка
Формат 11.18 x 3.81 x 17.53 см.

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