Camel Club Book 3: Stone Cold

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23.01.2019 г.
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Pan Macmillan

Описание товара: "Camel Club Book 3: Stone Cold"

The unputdownable new thriller from the author of The Collectors – a razor-sharp story of revenge, conspiracy, and murder . . .


Oliver Stone and the Camel Club are back for their most dangerous adventure yet.

Casino king and vicious thug Jerry Bagger is hunting Annabelle Conroy, who conned him out of millions. Stone and his colleagues must marshal all their resources to protect her.

Yet their skills may not be enough when a deadly new opponent rips off the veneer of Stone’s own mysterious past: Bagger’s menace pales next to Harry Finn’s lethality.

As bodies and institutions topple, the story rockets toward a shattering finale that will leave the survivors of this explosive tale changed forever . . .

Дэвид Бальдаччи: Все книги автора

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Автор(ы) Дэвид Бальдаччи
ISBN 9780330450980
Страниц 528
Переплет Мягкая обложка
Формат 178mm x 111mm

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