Academic Objectives Reading Skills TB

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"Delta Academic Objectives: Reading Skills" has been written to prepare students for academic reading, placing emphasis not only on extensive reading skills development, but also on continued language development through four main areas: Understanding the text, Critical thinking, Using the text and Language Focus. Understanding the text activities develop essential comprehension skills, teaching students to further analyze texts and interpret standpoint and argument. Critical thinking activities go on to actively develop students' abilities to critically engage with a text, teaching them to assess the strength of an argument or its validity, and constantly challenge the ideas of others. Using the text activities show students how to incorporate others' ideas with their own to formulate arguments and conclusions in academic writing. Language Focus sections help students develop their knowledge of lexis typical of academic texts, enabling them to understand a wider range of texts and transfer this knowledge into their writing. The "Teacher's Book" contains a range of valuable features which greatly add to the teaching experience: includes full answers accompanied by the aims of activities, providing clarity for teachers; provides rationales for what is covered in each area of every unit, giving teachers background to the skills/strategies and making connections between them; and, offers additional teaching ideas to help less experienced teachers of EAP, and suggestions how to extend/differentiate activities. "Delta Academic Objectives" is a series of course books designed to help students adapt to the challenge of academic study in English.

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