Writers at Work: The Paragraph SB

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18.12.2018 г.
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Cambridge University Press

Описание товара: "Writers at Work: The Paragraph SB"

This low intermediate to intermediate level writing book teaches the basics of short composition writing. Writers at Work: The Paragraph is a new edition of the immensely successful Writers at Work: A Guide to Basic Writing. The book is designed for high beginning to low intermediate writing students. It uses personal topics such as "A Person Important to You" and "Holidays" to teach the basics of paragraph writing. The approach in this book assumes that even lower level students can handle a full-blown process approach. In each chapter, students work through a five-step composing process: Getting Started, Preparing the First Draft, Revising Your Writing, Editing Your Writing, and Following Up. After completing this book, students will be well prepared for the next book in the series which teaches how to write a short composition.

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Автор(ы) Jill Singleton
ISBN 9780521545228
Страниц 158

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