Искусство. Культура. Архитектура

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The Language of Cities, 9780141980591, Deyan Sudjic
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Книги - Искусство. Культура. Архитектура
The Language of Cities
Deyan Sudjic
The director of the Design Museum defines the greatest artefact of all time: the cityWe live in a world that is now predominantly urban. So how do we define the city as it evolves in the twenty-first century? Drawing examples from across the globe, Deyan
Edward S. Curtis, 9783836539289, 
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Книги - Искусство. Культура. Архитектура
Edward S. Curtis

For over thirty years, photographer Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952) traveled the length and breadth of North America, seeking to record in words and images the traditional life of its vanishing indigenous inhabitants. Like a man possessed, he strove to
Master Architect Series II. Daryl Jackson, 978-1875498529, Daryl Jackson
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Книги - Искусство. Культура. Архитектура
Master Architect Series II. Daryl Jackson
Daryl Jackson
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One of Australia's leading architects, the past 30 years have seen Daryl Jackson responsible for a diverse range of projects in Australia, the Middle East and Europe. His built works, together with teaching, writing and lecturing have had a significant i