Чорний альбом Moleskine кишеньковий

Цена: 460 грн.
Дата отгрузки товара:
21.02.2019 г.
Артикул: 267184
Pocket (9 x 14)

Описание товара: "Чорний альбом Moleskine кишеньковий"

Moleskine albums with black pages are suited to a variety of creative uses. These albums hold photos and lend themselves to scrapbooking and collage with the colorful ink of Moleskine fluorescent pens standing out against the black canvas. With black pages and black endpapers, this pocket size album lends itself to a myriad of uses: collecting photos, as well as collage, sketches and notes. Product features include: black pages, black endpapers; 32 pages; pocket size; 200 g/m² top-quality heavy acid-free paper; black expandable inner pocket; hard black cover with rounded corners and elastic closure.

Характеристики товара:
Размер Pocket (9 x 14)
Серия Notebooks and Journals
Разметка Plain
Обложка Hard Cover
Назначение Creating, Creating / Drawing, Drawing, Painting

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