Набір 2 олівця та точилка Moleskine

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13.12.2018 г.
Артикул: 208098

Описание товара: "Набір 2 олівця та точилка Moleskine"

Moleskine's Black Pencil Set comprises 2 high-quality pencils and one pencil sharpener. The pencils are rectangularly shaped, with rounded corners and are made of cedar woof and high-quality 2B lead. They can be clipped onto any Molskine notebook cover via the cap. The set also comes with a black ABS cap with a lacquered steel clip, in addition to 24 adhevise labels to personalise the cap. The sharpener is specially designed for Moleskine pencils, has an ABS matte black finish, a high quality German blade and a 12.5mm opening for the pencil.

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