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Wine Opus,The (Нет на складе)

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Артикул: 205945
Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

Описание товара: "Wine Opus,The (Нет на складе)"

This is a new look at a new world of wine from a new generation of wine writers. Do you like to enjoy fine wine but want some down to earth recommendations and honest information? Written by over 30 new voices in the world of wine, "The Wine Opus" offers fresh, modern insight into the world of wine. Accessible and up-to-date, this title covers 4,000 of the world's most significant wineries - from the reliable established producers to the rising stars. Discover all the important wine-producing regions of the world, including maps to locate key producers and a checklist on the regions' recent vintages. If you want to drink good wine, "The Wine Opus" gives you the names you need to know.

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ISBN 9781405352673
Страниц 800

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